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Dr. Caligari

Black & White 19 minute



"The Science of the Soul"

"Dr. Caligari" is a revolutionary new story adaptation of the timeless German Expressionist movie epic by Robert Wiene, 'The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari'


One day the maniacal Dr. Caligari, the headmaster of an insane asylum, discovers a rather strange psychological phenomenon has entered his domain. It is Cesare, somnambulist, a sleepwalker forever trapped in an unbreakable hypnotic trance. He was born in darkness, he lives without a soul.

The good doctor can now at last examine scientifically the very meaning of the human soul. He devises an experiment to test his theories. To murder without conscience? Can it be done?

Dr. Caligari and his somnambulist Cesare are somehow connected to a series of murders in a German mountain village. They leave a trail of dead bodies or place a curse of a living insanity upon any one they meet.

Will the two killers escape justice yet again?


The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari  1920


  ‘Das Kabinett des Doktor Caligari ’
  ‘The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari’


  assist. director


  music score

  art direction

Decla-Bioscop, GmbH
Robert Wiene
Rochus Gliese
Rudolf Meinert
Erich Pommer
Hans Janowitz
Carl Meyer
Willy Hameister
Alferdo Antonini
Giuseppe Becce
Walter Reimann
Walter Rohrig
Hermann Warm
Walter Reimann


  Dr. Caligari
  Jane Olsen
  Dr. Olsen
  Young Doctor
  Old Man
Werner Krauss
Conrad Veidt
Friedruch Feher
Lil Dagover
H.von Twardowski
Rudolf Lettinger
Elsa Wagner
H. Peters-Arnolds
H. Lanser-Rudolf
R. Klein-Rogge
Ludwig Rex


Renowned as a classic silent horror film, 'The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari' is truly an inspired fable of our decent into madness.

It questions if the human soul can be scientifically measured? In a clever turnabout it becomes a question about the very sanity, and soul of Dr. Caligari, as he performed his ghastly experiments.

I found this immortal film at Archive.org. It did not matter that it was old and scratched through generations of copies upon copies. That it was found and preserved and given freely in the public domain is a liberating thought.

This adaptation follows the original 'Dr. Caligari' script written by Hans Janowitz and Carl Meyer, before the film producers imposed the cinematic trick of a 'twist ending'. This technique was innovative but also obfuscated the fabric of the story.

Faithfully following the angst of the original script, I removed the film’s histrionics; aligned scenes and condensed the footage to its defining allegory and characters.

Working with the composer Kevin MacLeod, I create the movie by editing the music into the visuals and back again. The sound- track moves us through different musical terrains from symphonic to unworldly. Together we put forth a new subtext to this ancient, visionary parable.

Dr. Caligari

19 minute, black and white, stereo

*cultural purposes only
*no commercial value

Distributed to all countries recognizing the public domain attribution of the orginal movie

Copyright 2011..2016 (CC1)
Natalis Group, Seattle, WA. USA


sound design
Natalis Group
Kevin MacLeod
Spirit Studios



This film project made several critical decisions on how to best supervise the edit of the original movie footage.

Scenes in 'The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari' that may have had relevance to the imposed 'twist ending' that the film finally received, but not to the essence of the drama, were excluded. Likewise removed are billboards, tinting, deteriorated footage and 1920’s era expositions. Original film indiscretions such as the camera ‘crossing the line’ or ‘inversions’ are left intact.

The fact that the footage is damaged, dirty, scratched and flawed only adds to the story’s immediacy. It acts as the dark mirror through which a fabled incident is remembered.

This adaptation follows the intent of the original script first penned by Janowitz and Meyer. It is a story of a misguided trust that science can explain all that is unknowable. One hundred years later the answer it seeks continues to remain questionable.

The movie soundtrack was developed simultaneously with the visual edit. Tempo, nuance, passion, terror, weave within the images. The soundscape gives voice to the silent dialogue, where a nod of the head expresses as much emotion as a soliloquy of words.

A grateful thank you to all who preserve the heritage of these films in the public domain.



Maki, filmmaker/designer

Maki lives in Seattle Washington, producing music, entertainment, and commercial programs for web, DVD, television and independent film.

While earning his living as a club musician in Detroit, he received his MFA from The Cranbrook Academy of Art. Combining traditional art training with digital filmmaking, multimedia and sound design, Maki launched Spirit Studios in 1999.

He creates films & multimedia, published several music concert DVD's, designs soundtracks for independent feature films and Art Director to fortune 500 companies.

Kevin MacLeod, composer

Kevin MacLeod is an amazing composer with a wide range of music modalities and creativity. Living in Green Bay Wisconsin, he works mostly in New York City scoring for theatrical and film projects.

MacLeod is a leading proponent for and contributor to the extensive Creative Commons community (CC). His music is used by countless independent filmmakers, internationally.

His website Incompetech was launched in 1996, includes over 900 music compositions. His musical genius is the bedrock for "Darkness Is Coming" soundtrack.